Ex-passport supplier pesters state printer

Ex-passport supplier pesters state printer
Since its contract with the Foreign Affairs Department to supply e-passports expired on January 15, 2015, the French company has been spreading disparaging comments about the credentials and capability of state-owned APO Production Unit Inc. to do the …
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Mistreated in Malaysia
Around the corner, he ran into a policeman, who asked his name and then for his passport—a regular occurrence in Malaysia, where its police have the right to ask a civilian for his identification card. The citizens of the country carry what is called …
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Roger Williams Univ. law students swap R&R for public service in 'Alternative
“They had questions about how to get a driver's license or a passport or renew things that expired during the time they were in prison,” Johnson said. The week made Johnson, who intends to pursue a career in criminal law, reflect on the importance of …
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