Top International Travel Destinations for the Entire Family

Planning your next vacation? Go on an adventure and travel internationally. There are tons of incredible travel destinations outside of the U.S. that are ideal for exploring with your entire family. Whether you are interested in an action-packed trip full of outdoor activities, or prefer a vacation with more relaxing sightseeing, there is an international travel spot that is perfect for every family.  

To get started, check out our helpful tips when booking a family friendly trip. Then, discover seven amazing international travel destinations that are perfect for your family’s next getaway. Start packing today and do not forget to include their child passport.  

Helpful Tips to Successfully Book a Family Trip   

Before we begin, let’s review a few key tips for traveling abroad with children. Booking an international getaway with your entire family has incredible benefits, like allowing your children to experience new cultures and cuisine. However, it also requires a bit more planning than traveling with other adults.  

  1. First and foremost, be sure your children have a current child passport at least six months prior to your trip. In the U.S., a child passport is required for all international travel for children under 16. Consider using a passport services agency to ensure you filed the correct forms and accurately submitted all documents for the child passport process.   
  2. Ensure your children have all the necessary immunizations for international travel. Visit a travel clinic or your child’s primary care doctor approximately 3-6 months before your trip to ensure they have their required vaccinations in enough time. 
  3. Leave yourself ample time to get from one destination to the next during your travels. It is a good idea to assume that it will take longer to get everyone out of the house in the morning when you’re traveling with your children. Additionally, the flight check in process at the airport may take longer as well. Consider padding each leg of your trip with extra time to avoid being stressed or late the day of your trip.  

Remember, if you need help applying for a new child passport, or renewing passports, The Passport Office can help.  

#1. London 

London, England offers something fun for the entire family. If your family is a fan of Harry Potter, you are in luck! Stop and get a photo at Platform 9¾ in Kings Cross station or consider traveling to the Harry Potter studio just outside of London. There are family friendly activities in London such as touring the Tower of London to immerse yourself in English history or visiting the famed Shakespeare Globe Theatre. For additional fun, take a ride on the London Eye for a view of the entire city, or walk the cobble streets of Fournier Street in London’s Spitalfields neighborhood to see beautiful historic houses.   

#2. Montreal

If you are interested in exploring Canada, visiting Montreal is a must! If you are located in the northern United States, traveling across the border by car allows you to avoid renting a car once you arrive. If you opt to drive instead of flying, each family member will still need their adult and child passport handy.   

To discover the city’s rich history, stop in to the Pointe-à-Callière museum. Next, head to Mont-Royal, the mountain in the city’s center. There, you and your family will have the opportunity to hike, bike or even paddle board on the nearby lake. If outdoor adventure is your style, consider visiting Montreal during wintertime to explore the Hôtel de Glace which is an entire hotel made of ice and incredible ice sculptures. A visit to Montreal during colder weather also means your family will be able to take advantage of the many ice-skating rinks throughout the city, including Patinoire du Bassin Bonsecours in Old Montreal.   

#3. Sydney 

Looking for warmer weather? If so, Sydney, Australia is a fantastic tourist destination for your family. Spend a day at one of the many beaches, including Coogee Beach or Shelly Beach, soaking up the sun and admiring the gorgeous ocean views. If marine fun is of interest to your family, a visit to the city’s impressive aquarium is also a wonderful idea. Other fun places to explore include the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Taronga Zoo. Last, the historic Sydney Opera House offers kid-friendly entertainment with shows frequently geared towards children of all ages.      

#4. Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful travel destination with lots of options for your entire family to explore. Get a closer look at Gaudi’s artwork by planning a visit to Park Güell or wow your kids with an exciting ride in the city’s cable cars in Montjüic. If your family is a fan of soccer, you will want to check out the Camp Nou stadium, which is the largest stadium in all of Europe and the third largest in the world. For more fun, the city’s L’Aquarium Barcelona boats the largest sea tunnel in Europe, and the Tibidabo Amusement Park offers rollercoasters and other rides for all ages. Barcelona’s close proximity to France also allows you to take a quick trip to the French country while you are there; just be sure to keep your adult and child passports handy during your travels, in case you opt to explore additional countries.   

#5. Bail 

Bali, Indonesia has become one of the hottest tourist destinations over the past several years, for good reason. From its picture-perfect beaches to the year-round warm weather, Bali is an inexpensive travel destination with tons to explore. You can opt for a hotel with a stunning beach view, or a private pool that overlooks the local rice fields. Most hotels in Bali offer help planning tourist activities, such as walking trail adventures, ceramics classes or even fish feeding excursions. If your family includes animal lovers, be sure to make a stop at the Mandala Suci Wenara Wana ‘Monkey Forrest,’ which is a protected sanctuary for the adorable animals.           

#6. Cayman Islands 

Beach vacation, anyone? If spending your vacation snorkeling, walking the beach and catching sunrays sounds like your kind of fun, consider a trip to the Cayman Islands. The largest island in the Caymans is the Grand Cayman Island. This is the most popular island and features sandy beaches that are hot tourist destinations, such as Cemetery Beach and the famous Seven Mile Beach. The teenagers in your family can enjoy some of the best scuba diving spots in the world, and the younger children will love the opportunity to swim with the island’s giant turtles. If you grow tired of time at the beach, stop into the island’s museum or take a pirate cruise!  

#7. Paris

In addition to beautiful family picture opportunities at the Eiffel Tower, Paris also offers more fun activities for the entire family. Consider touring the Arc de Triomphe or the Catacombs located underneath the city for a look at Paris’ incredible architecture. If the weather is nice plan to explore the Luxembourg Gardens, where musical performances and theater shows are often happening. If your kids are craving more adventure, by Disneyland Paris where they can burn off some major energy on amusement rides. If you are feeling extra adventurous, consider taking a quick flight to Belgium or Switzerland while you’re in Paris. Take full advantage of your child passport’s during your vacation as they are only valid for five years at a time.    

Start Planning the Ultimate Family Friendly Trip   

Traveling internationally with your family is exciting but comes with its own set of challenges to consider. Preparing for a trip can be overwhelming but the passport process does not have to be. Do not let applying for a child passport discourage you from booking a memorable vacation. 

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