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Red Tape Awareness Week Celebrates Five Years
It's the extra time you spend applying for or renewing your passport or driver's license when the process isn't straight forward. It's the confusing … And, it's costing us all billions of dollars a year. CFIB's latest research report has estimated …
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If Canada Post Corporation is indeed making money, and is not some bottomless pit funded by us all, we must deduce that the losses of home delivery and 8,000 good jobs are simply down to the prevailing Putin-esque dislike of ordinary Canadians, be they …

America's shadowy world of sexual slavery
Nothing had prepared the slight, softly spoken, shy woman to become one of the thousands of men, women and children lured into the hidden world of sex trafficking and forced labour in the United States every year. … After weeks of living rough, with …
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Museum and Gallery Listings for Jan. 31-Feb. 6

Museum and Gallery Listings for Jan. 31-Feb. 6
In a local shop called the Gulu Real Art Studio she found dozens of full-length pictures of sitters from which the heads had been neatly cut out. The shop's owner, Obal Denis, explained why. His machine for developing passport-size photos automatically …
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Amanda Knox's murder conviction upheld on appeal in Italy
This combination of photos shows, from left: Italian student Raffaele Sollecito; slain 21-year-old British woman Meredith Kercher; and her American roommate Amanda Knox. A Florence appeals panel designated by Italy's supreme court to address errors in …
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Should Muslim Women Testify with a Face Veil?
Interestingly, the Canadian Muslim woman revealed that she also removed her face veil in a number of other limited contexts where necessity required her to do so. This included driver's license and passport photos and at security check points for …
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Visual Arts Calendar
Noelle Swan Gilbert: Right Now, This Is the Way It Is, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday-Friday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, The Center for Fine Art Photography, 400 N. College Ave., Fort Collins. Free. Show runs through Feb. 1. Call 224-1010. Website: …

No law that criminalises domestic violence; other forms of discrimination

No law that criminalises domestic violence; other forms of discrimination
A similar permission is required if a woman has to apply or renew her passport. A woman cannot chose a spouse without her guardian's consent. Divorce laws are different for women too. While a man can divorce his wife at any time, without payment and …
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ESSAY: DMV Visit Leaves Milwaukee Woman Asking, 'What's My Name?'
That's all you need," says the clerk. "Then you can renew your LIcense and apply for the ID card." Visit number two: I exhibit the required documents: the birth certificate that says I'm Caroline, the passport that says I'm Carolyn, and the Driver's …
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Thai government forced to beg access to offices

Thai government forced to beg access to offices
Tens of thousands of passport applications were piling up, they said. Bankruptcy declarations needed …. "But I told them I'm a civil servant and I have to serve the people … if I have to quit my job to let us go back to work, I'd do it." ___ …
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Dear America, I Saw You Naked
The TSA saw the near-miss as proof that aviation security could not be ensured without the installation of full-body scanners in every U.S. airport. But the agency's many critics called its decision just another knee-jerk response to an attempted …
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100 Things All Detroiters Should Do Before They Die

100 Things All Detroiters Should Do Before They Die
Who says you need to travel widely to expand your mind? Sure, when the weather is as cold and crappy as it is these days, jetting off to some balmy climate has its appeal. But we have a multitude of cool things to do right here in town, things that …
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What 'Downton Abbey' Can Teach The Queen
At Downton, the Crawleys—like the Royals—have their own problems communing with the hoi-polloi, but try to extend their brand—or at least keep the burning pitchforks from the door—by participating in an annual cricket match. The proles ….. Maybe …
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Washington Passport Agency relocates to 600 19th St. NW
As one who has flirted with disaster — a nearly expired book paired with an approaching international trip — I welcome the spruced-up setting. The bright interior and adept arrangement helps soothe frayed nerves. Despite its attractiveness, though, I …
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Govt increases passport application collection canters

Govt increases passport application collection canters
KATHMANDU, Jan 20: People applying for a passport can now take a sigh of relief as they no longer would have to wait in queue for up to 15 hours to submit their application. The government has, from Monday, brought into operation six application …
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Passport shortage creates huge backlog, MEA in a tizzy
In Mumbai, officials from the special branch and city police who verify details of passport applicants said they haven't received a single application since January 17. “The situation is the same today. Several people are questioning us about the delay …
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What Defines Us as Jews? Actions — Not Ancestry.

What Defines Us as Jews? Actions — Not Ancestry.
But much as I adore everything British — even my dogs are named for Jane Austen characters — I have no interest in obtaining a passport from Her Majesty's Government. It's not my country. And it's not my tribe. To paraphrase what Josh Nathan-Kazis …
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Wannabe Chinese Space-Tourists Get Thumbs Down From US Government
… spaceship — comes under the thumb of the US's incredibly restrictive International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) export control. That means that anyone with a passport from restricted countries, like China and North Korea, are prohibited from riding …
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