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Gay couple from US in Thai custody battle over surrogate baby
Patidta "had issues" with the couple's sexual orientation, said Lake, and did not show up at the U.S. embassy in Bangkok in January to sign Carmen's passport application and give them the papers needed to leave Thailand. "We have been here six months …
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New Jersey Law Journal
As with many other American securities laws, there are limitations regarding the offering (it cannot exceed $ 50 million within a 12 month period) in addition to disclosure and reporting requirements that accompany the Reg A+ issuance; however, despite …
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US reviewing passport controls

US reviewing passport controls
Concerned about a potential terrorist attack, US authorities are reviewing systems used to screen airplane passengers with Western passports before they board flights to the United States. Officials are assessing checks and safeguards at airports "to …
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Rap lyrics, Jerusalem, gay marriage await returning US Supreme Court
Kerry, a major separation-of-powers case, the court will return to the question of whether Congress may require the State Department to treat Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in U.S. passports. Presidents from both political parties have said …
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Crime and gangs: the path to battle for Australia's Islamist radicals
“I do worry about those who may be extremists infecting more people who were just pure criminals,” said Kaldas. Prime Minister Tony Abbott says that at least 20 of the fighters are believed by authorities to have returned to Australia, and that more …
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Greatest ebola fear in US should be the many uninsured
And viruses do not recognize borders, visas, or passports, Shutting down U.S. airports and isolating travelers from specific regions have been tried as disease control measures, and failed. The United States' special vulnerability is the enormous holes …
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Manny Musu's new battle to get Australian passport ten years after Jakarta

Manny Musu's new battle to get Australian passport ten years after Jakarta
She was the little Australian girl whose image dominated the front pages of Australian newspapers ten years ago when her mother was killed and she was severely wounded in the first terrorist attack ever directed at Australia. Innocent victim … Manny …

PM Promises to Look into 'Blacklist' Issue of Sikhs in North America
The first point in the copy of representation submitted by one of the members was the visa and passport renewal issue of the community – a legacy of the Khalistan movement and the post-1984 riots. The 'blacklist', maintained by the ministry of home …
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A father's long battle for justice for his daughter

A father's long battle for justice for his daughter
It pointed out to him that all long-term prisoners, including those serving life, can apply for a sentence review after seven years. The letter told … How could a murderer on temporary release get a passport and a visa and go to Egypt with his …
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TSA Chief Claims 'No Perfect Solution' to Airport Security Threats
“This program complements other Department of Homeland Security trusted traveler programs and allows passengers to access TSA Pre✓ who may not otherwise travel internationally, or hold a valid passport,” said Pistole. “To date, more than 180,000 people …
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Watchdog warns Bradford people about web scams
He also advises consumers to always remain vigilant whilst shopping on the internet, saying: “Check that the website you're on has a '' ending if you're applying for a driving licence, passport or similar, and make sure you know who you are …
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Custody battle over Neustadt boys delayed until Nov. 20

Custody battle over Neustadt boys delayed until Nov. 20
The statement explains that Ms. Neustadt filed an application under the convention with the Moscow City Court, seeking the direct enforcement of the English High Court's return orders. … Daniel holds a Russian passport and an expired US passport.
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Syria Refugees Detained, Coerced to Return – Palestinians, Children Among
"We were desperate, we were seasick, it was hot, and everyone was throwing up… we were trapped in a tight room and paralyzed – we could not even move when we started hearing bullets… afterward they started showering us with bullets." …. The …