Greenest States in United States

The pollution has become a serious problem to many countries around the world. People from worldwide, including many Americans, are trying to control and overcome this problem. However, there are many people in America are proud of their fresh air. For examples, people in the states of Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Hawaii, Nevada, South Dakota and Montana are proud of their states as the greenest states in the United States.

Idaho, the mostly mountainous state in the Northwestern United State, generates the largest amount of renewable energy in US and most of energy comes from alternative sources. Idaho has low rate of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion.

State of Idaho

Both policy and alternative energy are well-done in Oregon, a state located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

South Dakota, located in the Midwestern region of the United States, generates the second-lowest amount of hazardous waste in the country.

State of Nevada has the lowest level of water pollution in United States because this arid state has not much fresh water to dump toxins into.

Colorado ranks from above-average pollution scores. It also ranks 12th in particle pollution. Over six percent of the state’s total energy output of is from alternative resources.

State of Colorado

Montana is one of the largest and least-populated states in the US. With the lowest rate of ozone, it is easy to understand why the state’s residents are proud of their air.

Hawaii, the only U.S. state made up entirely of islands, is quite concerned about the environment because nearly 25% of its gross state product comes from tourism. Therefore, Hawaii is known as one of the greenest states in US.

State of Hawaii


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