2017 Might be the Record Year for Passport Applications in the US

2017 has been predicted as the year by the experts which is going to see the greatest surge in the history of the American passports. This has definitely been the aftermath of the changes in the American passport regulations in 2007 which had ensured that there was a surge for the US passport at that point in time. Keeping all these aspects in mind and the problems which were encountered during the earlier surge the authority has decided to stay prepared for the surge this time around. All the passports of 2007 would be due for renew during the current year along with millions of new application is going to make the queue long and hard to break. Continue reading

Important Changes Regarding Passport One Must be Aware of

Passport is a mandatory document, which is required for international traveling. Infact many people get the passport done as evidence of identity. But many of you might not know that changes are coming in passport. Travel experts opine that it is important to remain updated regarding the changes particularly for travelers whose passports are due to expire in the coming years or months.

As per reports from the State Department, huge rush is expected for passport renewal in 2017 along with getting new passport. This is because the Department is expecting great backlog in applications. Moreover, there will be changes in the passport itself. Read on to find the various changes that are being expected in passports. Continue reading

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Valley woman claims passport service overcharged, bungled travel plans
She filled out the online forms and expected to pay around $ 170, which is what she saw on Travisa's website. However, she says the charge ballooned to $ 340 when Travisa added on fees and service charges. And charges kept being added on until Travisa …
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Federal government expected to apologize for bungling Nova Scotia child

Federal government expected to apologize for bungling Nova Scotia child
Benjamin Perrin, a University of British Columbia law professor and author of Invisible Chains: Canada's Underground World of Human Trafficking, indicated in a 2010 opinion piece in the National Post that Fenwick's passport was “renewed several times …
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Dealing with government: readers' rants
A graduate student in Sweden wrote of his seemingly unending travails in renewing his passport, for which he had to fly to Vienna to visit the Philippine Embassy there. Having spent around P10,000 for processing and mailing fees along with airfare and …
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The New Portuguese Golden Visas
Apart from the five years minimum investment period, to be counted as of the date of the granting of the residence permit, and for the purposes of its renewal, the foreign investor must present proof, namely by showing his passport, that he has …
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