ICE investigation, takedown of Liberian war criminal recounted in book

ICE investigation, takedown of Liberian war criminal recounted in book
When Chucky arrived in Miami, Florida, in March 2006, HSI special agents arrested him on the passport charge. Ultimately, however, he was investigated and charged with torture violations. “That's one of the significant … “I'm proud that ICE/HSI as an …
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Passport office: 4 more touts are out
P.S. Karthigeyan, Regional Passport Officer, said the menace dogs all passport offices in the State. “We have asked the jurisdictional police to crack down on touts…with the entire system online, touts have no advantage over ordinary applicants …
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Two US lawmakers urge India to take action against phone fraud
In these frauds, the criminals make it appear that they are calling from a government agency, bank, police department, credit card or technology company, pharmacy or hospital by having those numbers appear on the victim's phone. The scammers … Police …
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Higuain Called For Questioning In Passport Investigation

Higuain Called For Questioning In Passport Investigation
The company would expedite passport claims for Argentines with Italian decent. Their services also extended into the illegal as they would also fabricate Italian heritage to secure a passport and allow soccer players to move to EU countries more freely.
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Pack light for your honeymoon trip
It usually takes three weeks for a passport to arrive after you apply, Lewis said, but she recommends sending your applications six weeks before you plan to leave. If it's already too late for that, you may be able to expedite your application — for a …
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Verification delays issuance of 18000 passports
In a recent meeting with police officers, Home Minister K J George too expressed concern about this and directed them to take steps to expedite the verification process. The statistics suggest that there has been a sharp rise in the passport …
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