Why Settle for Just a Beachfront Lot?

Why Settle for Just a Beachfront Lot?
St. GEORGE'S TOWN, Grenada — Grenada is the kind of place where you can stop in a roadside bar and be bought a beer by the prime minister. Perhaps I should have asked the leader of this West Indian island about his plans for encouraging property …
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Gunman at Tunisian Beach Hotel Trained With Museum Attackers
TUNIS — The gunman who massacred 38 foreign tourists at a beachside hotel on Friday trained with a militant group in Libya this year alongside two Tunisians who later killed 22 people at the national museum, security officials confirmed on Tuesday.
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Chris Brown's Manila Departure Delayed Over Fraud Allegation
MANILA, Philippines — Grammy award-winning singer Chris Brown's departure from Manila was delayed Wednesday because of fraud allegations against him and his promoter for a canceled concert last New Year's Eve in the Philippines. The recording …
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This is Qualcomm's world and we're all just living in it

This is Qualcomm's world and we're all just living in it
Motorola managed to update the Moto X to Android 4.4 ahead of some Nexus devices last year, and Qualcomm was once again credited with contributing to that alacrity. In an interview with The Verge this summer, Moto's software chief (and former Android …
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Cheapo travel: Reader tips on passports, DC, Priceline and more
From Ron Lesovsky, about getting your passport: I would also recommend having a current passport on hand if you have a student family member traveling abroad. In case of an …. Hopefully, we'll get an update when she does. From Jim Fuchs: I use …
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Cyborg hears colour with device fixed to skull!
The implant reads colours – including dozens of shades imperceptible to the human eye – and turns them into sound waves that vibrate in his skull. Belfast-born Harbisson won a battle with the British Passport Authority to have his passport picture …
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When a US Passport Just Isn't Good Enough

When a US Passport Just Isn't Good Enough
All three "flavors" of American citizens — native-born, naturalized and those born abroad — may apply for U.S. passports, but only native-born Americans may use their passports to prove their citizenship when enlisting in the Army National Guard. If …
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Tweaking the agenda for Obama's Europe trip
Last year, the Center published the Tallinn Manual, which painstakingly attempted to apply the traditional laws of warfare to hacking. Nation-states are still struggling with the non-state guerrilla … Such difficulties were most recently highlighted …
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Long journey leads McGhee back to Norman
Apply for a passport, pack the bags and head overseas. He's made a living playing professional basketball for 12 years. It's taken him to Russia, Spain, South Korea, Puerto Rico, China, Philippines, Israel and Ukraine. “I never would've thought I would …
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