Why We Love to Loathe Manhattans Upper East Side: From F. Scott Fitzgerald to

Why We Love to Loathe Manhattans Upper East Side: From F. Scott Fitzgerald to
While NYC Prep's token public schooler Taylor DiGiovanni never cited classic literature, her story is an extension of Nick's: outsider fantasizes about entering the world of the elite, admires their designer labels and lavish circumstances, but is …
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June in Rochester: One of the soggiest ever
This soggy month is now among the top 10 wettest Junes in Rochester history. As of 10 p.m. on the month's final day, the rainfall total stood at 6.23 inches, more than double our normal June ration. That makes this June the 10th rainiest on record in …
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Police ID men shot in NE Rochester
Police say someone shot a 20-year-old city man early Monday near a Portland Avenue gas station. The shooting occurred just after 2:30 a.m. about two blocks from the northeast Rochester site where Rashod "Shoddi" Lewis was shot to death last Monday.
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For the love of Annie

For the love of Annie
The story of how Andy managed to get away, and why he ran, was published in an Express series in late 2010. Every prisoner longs for freedom. Each one believes they have a good reason for …. And that's the route Andy took, sometimes aboard logging …
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Police verification no longer required for reissue of passports: Govt
“For reissue of passports, police verification is not required, provided the first passport had been issued on the basis of clear police report,” Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh told Lok Sabha in a written reply. The decision will have …
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US finds Kuwait airline discriminates against Israelis
WASHINGTON (AP) — In a challenge to boycotts of Israel, the U.S. government has found that Kuwait Airways unlawfully discriminated against a passenger traveling on an Israeli passport by refusing to sell him a ticket for a New York to London flight.
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'Holiday love rat destroyed me': Elaine Davison wants changes to marriage laws

'Holiday love rat destroyed me': Elaine Davison wants changes to marriage laws
"A few months after we got married, he changed really fast," she said. "He had me then, he had his bait. … "He said, 'Now I have got my passport, I can start to be myself because I haven't been able to be myself for seven years'." The couple divorced …
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Passport Dept to fast-track MRP process from districts
KATHMANDU, DEC 14 – If all goes to plan, people living outside the Valley will not have to come to the Capital to get their passport . The government has begun work to issue “urgent” passport s in each development region. The Ministry of Foreign …
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Airbnb says travellers are flocking to stay with Scousers
Forget St Lucia, Lisbon, or Latin America, more and more people are looking to send 'wish you were here' postcards from Liverpool. Travel firm Airbnb has noticed a massive increase in people flocking to the Mersey capital and reckons the city is top of …
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50 Years of Achievement – Why Zambians Should Be Proud

50 Years of Achievement – Why Zambians Should Be Proud
Political integration and economic integration are not expedited processes; in fact they are organic elements of progress often resulting in the migration of people across the world. Zambians recently started traveling abroad and as a …. LET US NOT …
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Changes to police powers after terror attacks 'must be measured,' watchdogs say
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said this work would be "expedited." On Wednesday, Justice Minister … One attacker, Martin Couture-Rouleau, had been under RCMP watch and had his passport seized, but not actually charged. That case in particular has …
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A forgotten love story
While Huda was still in the Migration and Passport Authority's prison in November 2013, the South East Sana'a Preliminary Court gave permission to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to visit her. During a certain period of time the UNHCR visited Huda in …
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Good Diving Locations

If diving is your calming release, then you will know that you love to take your vacations to dive. But with so much choice across the world, where is the best place to go to get the best dive?

Palau in the south pacific is a fantastic destination, as there is a great boat wreck that has become the habitat of lots of marine life, and when you are diving here you can see turtles, rays and over two hundred bright and beautiful species of fish. There are one hundred and thirty threatened species of shark that swim these waters, and there is no shark harvesting in the area to protect the species.

The Great Barrier Reef is another popular diving site, as it runs nearly one thousand five hundred miles down the coast of Australia. You can see common sea life as well as some of the rarest marine species on earth. The reef is in danger from global warming and bleaching and is therefore protected, but as well as taking a boat, you can also road trip down the coast and hop on and off this majestic reef, which can be seen from space. visit Townsville to take a trip to the SS Yongala, a wrecked ship which now homes giant turtles and sea snakes.

The red sea is food for diving as it has coral reefs in the north and wrecks in the south for intrepid divers to explore; and if you are a hardened diver you will find that you may need a few days to get out and explore the minefield of what the red sea has to offer you.

Costa Rica is also a good diving location although it’s not a great one if you are a beginner as it is reasonably deep and there is a fairly strong current in the waters around the shore. You can also whale watch and kayak if you get bored of the amazing off shore sites, like dirty rock.

If you are planning on travelling to any of these destinations this summer then ensure you book Travel Insurance Direct from the sites to save money.

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