Expedited Passport Forms

When you are requesting an expedited passport, it’s important to be sure that you’re filling out all of the appropriate forms. After all, there’s really no time for a redo. Here’s a rundown of some of the different expedited passport forms that you might encounter:


Expedited Passport Form DS-11


Form DS-11 is an application for a new passport. It is used when you have not previously been issued a passport, or if your existing passport was issued when you were 16 or younger. You must submit form DS-11 in person at a passport acceptance facility or passport agency office, along with proof of identity, proof of citizenship, and 2 passport photos. Don’t sign the form until you are at the acceptance office and the acceptance agent tells you to.


Expedited Passport Form DS-82


Form DS-82 is for people who are eligible to renew their passport by mail. You are eligible for passport renewal by mail so long as your passport is undamaged and in your possession, was issued when you were 16 or older and is less than 15 years old, and you have documentation to support any name change requests. When you mail form DS-82, include your current passport, 2 new passport photos and documents to support any name changes. Don’t forget to sign the form before you send it!


Expedited Passport Form DS-64


Form DS-64 is used in conjunction with Form DS-11 to replace a lost or stolen passport.

This form requests that you provide information about the lost or stolen passport, the circumstances in which it was lost or stolen, and the efforts you made to get it back. This information goes into the Consular Lost or Stolen Passport system, and the passport will be flagged in case someone else tries to use it to get in or out of the country.


Authorization Letter


An authorization letter is used when you are applying for your passport through a private visa expediting company. The letter gives the company permission to meet with the Department of State on your behalf and submit your application.


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Passport Application Forms

Are you unsure about which passport application form you may need? Do you know what form you need but do not know how to fill it out? It is important that you choose the right passport application form and complete it correctly so that you avoid unnecessary delays and problems in obtaining your travel document. Following is a list of passport application forms and a description of each.

U.S. Passport Form DS-11

When filling out the application, be sure to use black ink and print legibly. You must not sign the application until you have taken the oath that is to be administered by any authorized passport acceptance agent.

You must use the DS-11 form if you have never possessed a passport before or were under age 16 when you obtained your last one. Also, if you have a passport but it was issued more than 15 years ago, you need to use this form. Lastly, this is the application form you use if your passport was lost or stolen. In that case, you have to fill out form DS-64 as well.

U.S. Passport Form DS-82

This form has been updated as of February 2, 2008. This will include the renewal of your regular Passport and the new U.S. Passport Card. These will come to you in the mail.

This form can be file by any U.S. citizen who is seeking to renew his or her Passport or U.S. Passport Card by mail. You must meet certain criteria before you can used Form DS-82. You can also complete this form online using the Adobe Reader program.

Form DS-82 is available to be downloaded at your convenience. However, certain filing instructions may be missing. If it is not filled out correctly, your application may be denied. An immigration guide will contain all instructions and procedures and is available to be downloaded on your computer.

U.S. Passport Form DS-5504

This form has been updated as of February 2, 2008.

This form is usually filed by a citizen of the United States who is applying for data change in his or her U.S. Passport or Passport Card that is currently valid. Form DS-5504 requires that you make the changes within a year of the date that the passport was issued. One of the changes most frequently requested is a name change. This usually occurs through marriage and requires you send a certified copy of your marriage certificate to verify the change.

U.S. Passport Form DS-4085

This form may be filed by any U.S. citizen who may want to apply for more visa pages that are to be attached to his or her valid passport. This form can only be filed by a U.S. citizen passport holder that is now here in this country. Form DS-4085 additionally may be recognized as the Department of State Passport Form DS4085 or the immigration form DS-4085. Passport Services no longer issues 48-page passports but will add pages.

Visit U.S. Passport Service Guide to download passport applications and discover where to get a passport.

Visit: http://legal-forms.laws.com/immigration/passport-application-form To download the Passport Application Form in printable format and to know about the …
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Applying For A Us Passport?

A passport,an internationally recognized travel document acts as a verification of the identity and nationality of the one holding it.. As far as the United States passport is concerned, the US Department of State is the sole authority that grants, issues, or verifies it.

The US passport comes with a 5 year and 10 year validity. For persons who were issued passports when they were 16 years old or older, the passport is valid for 10 years. Whereas for persons who were issued passports when they were 15 years old or younger, the passport is valid only for 5 years.

You can apply for a passport at over 9,000 facilities available across the US. These include many Federal, state, and probate courts, post offices, a few public libraries, county and municipal offices.

To expedite the process, additionally there are 13 regional passport agencies and one Gateway City Agency available to serve individuals traveling within 14 days, or who need foreign visas to travel. Under such circumstances, appointments are required.

You have to apply for your US passport in person if you are applying for the first time.

Also if:
your passport expired and is not in your possession
your passport expired and was issued more than 15 years ago
your previous passport was issued when you were below 16 years of age
you have a current US passport and that is lost or stolen.

Apart from the circumstances mentioned above, applicants under the age of 14 should appear in person, and be able to provide legal consent of his/her parents or legal guardians. The minor must either be accompanied by both the guardians, one guardian who can provide the other guardians notarized consent, or one guardian who can submit evidence of soul authority to apply.

Application for Passport In Person:

You must use form DS-11 if

You have never had a US passport
You are below 16 years old.
The current passport you hold was issued more than 15 years ago
You lost your most recent passport or it was stolen.

Form DS-82 (Application for Passport By Mail) has to be filed to renew a previously issued US passport by mail at anytime OR in person at a Regional Passport Agency in case you are traveling internationally, or need your passport for foreign visas within fourteen (14) days.

Replacing a lost or stolen US passport :

Ensure you report a lost or stolen passport as soon as possible and do it before you can apply for a new one. To do this, you have to fill out form DS-64, Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport. Submitting this form will result in the invalidation of your passport, thus making it unusable for travel. Passports that are reported lost or stolen cannot be re validated.

You have to fill out a new passport application. Complete form DS-11, Application for Passport as you would if you were applying for a new passport. Along with the DS-11 Form, you should also submit DS-64 and brought with you when you go in person to apply for a new passport if your previous passport has been lost or stolen.

The US passport comes with a 5 year and 10 year validity. Also ensure you report a lost or stolen passport as soon as possible and do it before you can apply for a new one. To do this, you have to fill out form DS-64

Here is step-by-step guidance to get the right passport application done quickly and easily. These instructions are especially important for travelers who ne…
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