US Postal Service to offer passport fair

US Postal Service to offer passport fair
SAGINAW — If you're planning a trip out of the country and lack a passport, the U.S. Postal Service wants to help. A Passport Fair is set for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 18, at the Saginaw Main Post Office, 1233 S. Washington. The fair will take …
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US rower robbed of food, passport off the coast of Haiti
The Brooklyn native was headed back to the U.S. from his trans-Atlantic journey but had diverted toward Haiti on advice of his U.S. weather router. Mooney said he saw several fishing boats approach and that people aboard them began yelling in a …
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Post offices now open three Sundays in December
With daughter Charlie, 2, in tow, Amy Ahasic, of Fairfield, mails out Christmas presents at the Fairfield Post Office at 357 Commerce Drive in Fairfield, Conn. on Sunday, December 7, 2014. Several area post offices are now …. On the three consecutive …
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Empire Passport deal offered a second day as NYS Parks computer system gets
After crashing this morning, the state Parks Department computer system handling online purchases of a reduced 3-year Empire Passport is now back up and running. The deal will be extended an extra day to show appreciation for all those wanting to take …

Postal Service: Closure reveals federal-agency 'disconnect'

Postal Service: Closure reveals federal-agency 'disconnect'
U.S. State Department is losing revenue after the agency deactivated the Jacksonville Passport Office when a passport clerk retired in May and closed the office two months later, a U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman told The Daily News. The two federal …
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In Defense of ASIO's Passport Powers
The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation often cancels the passports of suspected terrorists, and has increasingly done so to prevent Australians joining jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq. ASIO has issued adverse security assessments for more …
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House, Senate intel chiefs push Obama to be tougher on Islamic State militants
He said there are hundreds of Islamic State-trained Americans who can return to the U.S. with their American passports. "I'm very concerned because we don't know every single person that has an American passport that has gone and trained and learned …
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Local Couple's Daughter Promoted to US Consul General
In 1988, Quesada passed the foreign service exam to become a foreign officer for the US State Department. And from the Caribbean, to Italy, Greece, Tunisia, and Morocco, Quesada's passport filled up quickly. Most recently, she was on tour in …
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Win a Nikon D5300 kit or one of two COOLPIX S9700 compacts.
The Nikon D5300 doesn't just feature built-in Wi-fi and GPS, a vari-angle monitor and powerful low-light performance, it also packs in a whopping 24.2 megapixels, extendable ISO capabilities up to 25,600 and an intelligent 39-point AF system. Plus, if …
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Discover the best summer foods, vacation destinations, apps, trends and more
Days are getting longer. Birds are singing. Joy is rising. This could only mean that summer is finally here! Summer solstice officially arrives on June 21, and after the winter Canadians just endured, it's important not to let a minute of it go to …
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UKIP founder Alan Sked: EU foreign policy a fraud, no power to project in the
They sell twice much to us as we sell to them, so, if they wanted a trade war or anything, which wouldn't be in their interest, they will suffer twice as much. … AS: No. If you live in London, immigration is actually vital to keeping London going in …
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Choosing courier companies over postal services

Some 10 years back, letters and parcels took anything between 3 to 6 days to reach its destination within cities even.  During this scenario, the courier companies stepped in to fill the need for people to send their postal material quicker. People were excited as the mail reached its destination within 24 hours though at a high price in the beginning. As and when the courier companies became popular, the prices also became moderate and people resorted to this route for urgent needs.  Yet another feature of the couriers is that they offer more services and shipping facilities than the postal service.
When you are using cheap couriers, you will have a greater chance of your goods arriving safely and on time to the destination. Due to technological advancements it is even possible to track your shipment every step of the way from the courier companies to the door. Most of the companies imply GPS software for tracking of the shipments. This services are completely absent in postal services as they are laid back with their delivery time tables and they seldom offer guarantees. Courier service becomes a much better option as not all areas of the world would be covered through postal service.
The courier companies deliver the packages at a surprising speed compared to the postal department. If you are willing to pay more, your goods would be arrived at the desired location accordingly as this industry you are actually paying for the speed above all others. it is always wise to shop around to different companies in order to get the best one that can actually ship at the speed you desire.  However it is quite easy to locate a reliable company as with the increase in demand many cheap couriers have been mushrooming.
Convenience is also a key advantage of the courier service. If you want to mail your goods, you need to go to their facilities with a postal service.  But couriers are at your convenience as they schedule pickups and drops at the convenient location. Also if the clients require something to be shipped back to the company, that is also possible. Such services are not usually seen in the postal departments.
Since speed is the mantra for courier services, you may get the fastest service possible with them. You can search for companies which advertise themselves as emergency couriers. Such companies would focus on delivery time and make sure that the things reach the destination in the least amount of time possible. An emergency courier would have ground transport options along with shipping, air transport including helicopters as well. Such advanced facilities are completely absent with the postal delivery.
Multiple shipping options are open with the courier companies. There would be express service that guarantees next day delivery in many cases. If the parcels are o large size, they can be shipped through sir or by sea, depending on the type of goods.  With the postal service, you are limited to certain timed delivery methods. They however do not typically guarantee their services.

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Change Of Address And United States Postal Service

Those found guilty of providing incorrect and erroneous data could be penalized with a fine or jail term or both. The rules are very strict because any change recorded will be effected simultaneously in all related areas. It is not just a simple message to the office of the Postal Service requesting for all letters to be forwarded to the new address. This rule is meant to be rigorously followed in the U.S. and there is nothing discretionary about it. It is a mandatory procedure like voting for the candidate in the election.

A citizen has two choices – either he could correspond directly with the United States Postal Service, or he could utilize the services of the appropriate agencies to redirect the instruction and request of change of address to the Postal Service.

The change in address is effected by doing the following:

1. You should inform by giving the details in the format below:

PART A – Details of Old address

a) Name of the individual / company / firm – first name, middle name, last name

b) Previous address

c) Telephone No. Land line / Mobile / Fax No.

d) E mail address : communication after effecting change of address will be sent to this E Mail ID.

e) Date of birth of individual / Date of commencement of stay in the previous address.

f) Type of move to new place: Temporary / Permanent

If temporary, the duration of stay in new place and probable date of shifting to old place.

g) No. of persons moving With family or singly

h) In case of company / firm The entire office will be shifted

PART B – Details of new address

a) Purpose of shifting

b) Street,

c) Door No.

d) Apartment / Suit

e) City

f) State

g) Zip Code

h) Telephone No. LL / Mobile

i) E mail ID If different from the old one

j) No.of persons staying in new place

A statement is required from the individual or company guaranteeing that he has only provided factually correct data in the form and that he/they would not hold anyone else other than themselves responsible if this communication results in some kind of judicial action. The communication with the above details can be sent by secured mail say registered or courier with acknowledgment.

There are many private outfits on the internet who offer the services of helping an individual or a firm to have their address change intimated to the Postal Service office. These service providers are officially certified to carry out the task of sending the appropriate communication to the US postal authorities. You need to pay a token service charge to them for availing of this service. In view of the trust and want of time under busy schedule of life in the US, the citizens and residents are availing of this service.

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it’s that time again…
us postal service passport
Image by lukemontague
off to italy this time. i guess this photo is slightly more interesting than the last one.

but the question is… will it get full of comments again?

i actually won’t have internet for two whole weeks, so whatever does appear on this photo will be interesting to read when i get back.

bye for now =]

Montclair: Police blotter, March 19, 2014
Maple Avenue – A package containing a pair of headphones was allegedly swiped from the door of a residence after it was delivered by the United States Postal Service between 10 and 11 a.m. Thursday, March 13, police said. A neighbor reported seeing the …

Postal ink Cartridges proof reliable for us

How to manage cost if you are an organization that has to send out letters in a large quantity on daily or monthly basis? Although modern ways are very smart but they can some time cost very much. So with the very large amount of mail one needs very cost efficient solutions. The solution is simple that you use good printing techniques with traditional mailing techniques.

The central part on which the mailing system depends is to get the letters printed and sent out in a well organized and smooth way. Express mail, payroll and then the release of mail make a systemic procedure that has quite an influence on the budget of the company. Having a reliable and good mailing machine might make a difference between your successes and loses. With the help of Postage meter one can exactly calculate the exact number of letters that are being mailed. This characteristic of postage meter makes it quite an efficient tool.

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We moreover present additional accessories along with products for example mail and letter moistener, folders, shredders, certified mail forms, sealing solutions and supplementary equipment necessary for the mailing structure. We present financial plan that suit your budget and favor excellence more than amount.

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To make you meet all your mailing demands we offer you the finest mailing equipment. We have stocked for you the most widely used and best postal ink cartridges. For the best results you may need Pitney Bowes ink that is top class in its formula and is in accordance with the specifications of the postal service. The Pitney Bowes inks are available for replacement and also come according to the model being used.