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Nutley area events
Be sure to bring the proper documentation: You will need a completed U.S. Passport application, proof that you are a United States citizen such as a previous unexpired U.S. Passport, an original or certified copy of your birth certificate, a consular …

Westchester Clerk Helps Process Passports In Somers
The service will be available from 6-8:30 p.m. to take applicants' photos and help will the application process. Applicants should bring proof that they are U.S. citizens such as a previous U.S. passport or an original or certified copy of their birth …
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How to Get a Second Passport on a Budget
One of the most common questions in my Sovereign Confidential mailbag is how to obtain a second passport if you have limited resources. Plenty of people would like to have one, but the costs can appear daunting. There are several routes to a second …
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Passport Issued to Hurriyat's Syed Ali Shah Geelani
Mr Geelani – who had made an application in order to visit his ailing daughter in Saudi Arabia — had reportedly refused to fill up the column for "nationality". "I am not Indian by birth. … "If it comes to us after due formalities, we will think …
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Second Passport, Dominica Citizenship

Benefits of Obtaining Second Citizenship?

A second citizenship is attaining a second passport of another country to enjoy the benefits and facilities provided by that country. Attaining a second passport can be help an individual in many ways. Some countries have very strict taxation policies and to escape from such financial difficulties, many people go for second nationality. All countries have different set of rules relating to taxation policies. So, nowadays it is a smart decision to have a second passport as you can enjoy the privileges of two different countries. With the help of second passport, you can open different bank accounts in different countries and enjoy their rules and regulations. Due to the second citizenship, you can enjoy all the benefits which a citizen of that country enjoys. Attaining a second passport doesn’t mean that you are not patriotic and do not love your country as you are not cancelling your citizenship status of your own country. You are just additionally attaining citizenship of another country. For example, if you are a US citizen and purchase Dominica Citizenship that doesn’t mean that you are no more a US citizen. You can enjoy the privileges of US citizenship as well as tax benefits provided by Republic of Dominica.

Sale of Second Citizenship

Now when you have come to know that there are many benefits of having multiple nationalities, you will be wondering how to obtain a second passport. In fact, you can very well purchase second citizenship or a second passport for wealth benefits. Sometimes, your business requirements are such that you need to travel in many countries. So, it becomes a tedious job to apply for visa every time you need to travel to that particular country. Instead of that if you buy US citizenship, European Union citizenship or UK citizenship, you can have visa free travel to US, visa free travel to Europe, visa free travel to UK etc. Depending on your choice of second passport or second nationality, the process of getting entry in other countries becomes much easier. Besides visa free travel to other countries you can also save yourself from paying additional taxes by investing in other countries. Isn’t this sound interesting? Imagine being a citizen of more than two countries and availing the benefits of those countries. Travelling with dignity and no more answering to security questions and being treated like a terrorist are the benefits of purchasing second nationality.

How to Purchase Second Citizenship?

After knowing that second citizenship or a second passport can be purchased, you will definitely be curious about the procedure of purchasing second citizenship. For purchasing second citizenship, whether it is Dominica citizenship, US citizenship, European citizenship or any multiple nationality, you have to apply for second citizenship and should have all the information about the rules and regulations of the country for which you are applying. You can also take help from a professional who can help you in the application for second citizenship or dual passport and assist you in attaining one by giving you all the information regarding the documents you have to submit and the procedure you have to follow. So, if you are interested in attaining multiple nationalities.

Second Citizenship Ltd., is a Dominica based company offering services for purchase of nationality, purchase of citizenship, second citizenship like UK citizenship, Dominica citizenship, Dominica passport, US citizenship, European citizenship and also offers secondary passport services. SEO services by Jigney Bhachech, CEO, Opal Infotech, India.

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Second Passport

A passport is a legal symbol of one’s nationality and trump card to enjoy legal and other rights by an individual. Getting a second passport is a smart move to secure your future, financial liabilities and escaping political unrest. It is basically a traveler’s card, issued by a country to allow its citizen to move to another country and enjoy their stay there.

A legal passport contains name, nationality, date of birth, signature and other identification, which confirms citizenship and allows citizen to move freely to another country and carry out their business interest or others. Therefore, for moving to another country, every citizen must have a valid passport that signifies the validity of visit.

In absence of a valid passport, an individual is liable to face severe consequences. Fine in cash or jail term or both can be given depending upon the purpose and nature of visit.

Role of Second Passport

Having a second passport is really beneficial. It gives you the added advantage to enjoy the benefits and facilities given by another country. With your second passport, you are liable to enjoy all the rights like other citizens are enjoying. Honored by the government of another country, second passport legalize your stay and you can enjoy tax rights and custom duties equally like other natural citizens.

Types of Second Passport

Second passport are of different types, acknowledged by the governments of the countries. Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Alien’s Passport, Collective Passport, Look-alike Passport and other different kinds of passports can be issued to an individual for his foreign stay.

Issuance of the passport is entirely depended on the requirement of the visit. Like the natural passport, second passport carries vital information like name, signature, nationality, purpose of visit, tenure of stay and other key information. Specific in nature, second passport can be asked to produced before the government of another country in case of emergency.

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Second Passport, Dual Passport, Dominica Passport, Secondary Passport

Second Passport

A passport is a legal document that identifies the person as a citizen of that particular country; thereby confirming its identity and validity to travel worldwide. Nowadays, smart business travelers prefer to have a second passport from a specific country that offers multiple benefits at a reasonable price.
Furthermore, many individuals obtain a second passport for freedom, protected life, secured money and peace of mind. A second passport makes you an independent multinational citizen with maximum personal and financial confidentiality.

Dual Passport

Dual passports are no longer restricted to people who grew up in more than one country. You too can now legally have a new nationality and an original second passport. Recently governments of some regions have developed rules and regulations that permit legal action against an individual for unseen reasons.

A dual passport can protect you from such undue circumstances; including public prosecution, civil upheaval, litigious ex-spouse, political domination, fiscal oppression, governmental coercion etc.

Dominica Passport

Dominica is an English speaking island located in the Caribbean, known for its natural beauty, lush green flora and several rivers. Second Citizenship Ltd. is a reputed Dominica based company providing Dominica passport; that ensuresgreat returns as follows:

Citizenship of a safe and beautiful nation; avoid forced military services for self and family; avoid paying surplus taxes; freely conduct business with the whole world; do business and invest in a foreign country; trouble-free and visa-free travel to many countries; freely open bank accounts, permission to live and work in the certain countries like UK, USA, Canada etc.

Second Passport Program

Every country has its own laws to grant citizenship. Many nations welcome people with nationalized relatives; while some issue passports only to individuals of a particular religion; whereas certain countries provide passports via investments in real estate; and through economic citizenship programs.

The second passport program incorporates several advantages and is exclusively prepared to provide freedom and privacy; for people commencing a new life in another country; for travelling in secrecy and protecting your life and resources.

The procedure for the economic citizenship program is very systematic, regulated and well managed to retain its high value and reputation. People who can afford a second passport should think no further; as there is hardly anything to lose and lots to gain by acquiring a secondary passport.

Second Citizenship Ltd. is a Dominica based company offering professional services for Dominica citizenship, Dominica passport, secondary passport services and secondary citizenship services for Caribbean citizenship, European Union citizenship, American citizenship and US Citizenship.

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