10 years after Hurricane Katrina, evacuees still call Wiregrass home

10 years after Hurricane Katrina, evacuees still call Wiregrass home
“There will always be a place in my heart (for New Orleans),” said Benjamin, who lived in New Orleans for 18 years. “Do I ever want to go back there? I often tell people, 'Unless Jesus came down, showed me his ID, passport, Social Security card and …
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Glitch in US passports affects Israel travelers
The Bureau for Consular Affairs said that the issue is not specific to any one country, though the large number of American expatriates in Israel could affect reporting new births or renewal of travel documents. US embassies and consulates have been …
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Spindle items
Passport renewal may be done by mail at any time if the applicant meets certain criteria. Children and adults applying for the first time must appear in person at a passport acceptance facility, including designated U.S. post offices, clerks of court …
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Lines at US Customs Still Long, but Moving Faster

Lines at US Customs Still Long, but Moving Faster
CBP also set up a pilot program where airports and other points with Customs offices can apply to pay the agency for officers' overtime, boosting staffing at peak periods. And CBP began letting airports and airlines pay to install the new Automated …
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Blowfly's Tour Diary: Fighting Keylor Navas in Costa Rica and Saving Blowfly's
After I demanded to see the guidelines (not from a government agency, but from the airline) that she was referring to, I pointed out that the criteria she flagged, torn pages, did not occur in Clarence's passport. She continues to rage like Nurse …
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Bargain-hunting Brits still opt for staycations

Bargain-hunting Brits still opt for staycations
Almost half (47%) cited the airport security experience – which is featured in the media on a regular basis – while passport renewal delays also had an influence. The backlog in issuing passports disrupted travel for more than half a million people and …
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Govt mulls two work shifts at some govt offices
People are forced to go through hassles and queue up for several hours for basic services such as; getting their passports, citizenship cards, permit cards for foreign employment, utility bills payment, receiving and renewal of driving licenses, and …
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Legacy of 1984 Olympics still growing strong

Legacy of 1984 Olympics still growing strong
“The IOC chooses ambassadors for each edition of the YOG to help spread the word of the event and inspire young people to get active and enjoy the sport,” FIBA, basketball's world governing body,” wrote in a news release. … Zaccardi also pointed out …
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A sweet vacation awaits in Hershey, Pa.
The fun starts with Xploroscope, a zany-looking contraption by the entrance that asks visitors questions before generating an individual “passport” with personalized photo for the explorations ahead. Then it's onto the second … Children get their …
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Helpful tips for the 2014 World Acadian Congress
10, Van Buren, Maine, and Saint-Leonard, New Brunswick — Pick your side — Van Buren in the U.S. or Saint-Leonard in New Brunswick — and get in on the action. The border will be up for grabs for a little bit as Acadians fight … Try it wherever you …
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Bamboozled: Despite MVC improvements, some drivers still can't get real names

Bamboozled: Despite MVC improvements, some drivers still can't get real names
That means New Jerseyans with two-word first names (Mary Ann) or last names (Price Mueller), or those who use an apostrophe (D'Egidio) or a hyphen (Smith-Jones), can't have driver's licenses that match their other legal documentation, such as passports …
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STAR ID deadline looming
There is less than a year left for most Alabama residents to obtain a new form of identification that will allow people to take domestic flights without a passport. Starting Dec. 1, 2014, regulations will go into effect that will require everyone born …
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What the teachers say
“My passport lapsed in September and I didn't bother renewing it, thinking that I wasn't going out of the country anyway. Then when I went to class, one of them came up to me and said, “Teacher isn't that our name in the papers (upon being shortlisted)?”.
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