It's 'heartbreaking' being stuck in Italy's most exclusive resort for

It's 'heartbreaking' being stuck in Italy's most exclusive resort for
Now the Chilean-born New York socialites refused re-entry to the US, after being accused of 'enslaving' their Chilean nanny, have broken their silence to – to say that it is 'heart-breaking' spending Christmas in Portofino. Malu Custer …
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Illegal immigrants, including 50000 Bangladeshis, in New York City getting IDs
More than half a million illegal immigrants including over 50,000 Bangladeshis living in New York City are going to receive Municipal Identification Card to access key city services previously beyond their reach.
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Passports Just in Time for Boarding
So there they were on June 11, one surprisingly collected young Brooklyn couple, outside the New York Passport Agency at 376 Hudson Street, the busiest of the nation's 17 passport centers, serving up to 3,000 frazzled travelers a week. There are 9,400 …
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American Samoans Stuck in Legal Loophole Seek Full Citizenship

American Samoans Stuck in Legal Loophole Seek Full Citizenship
Those nationals — born on the 55,000-person US island territory in the South Pacific — receive US passports, can serve in the military and work and live on the mainland United States. But they are legally excluded from basic rights enjoyed by all …

Andrews Mother Denied Child Pickup After Showing Mexican Passport As
ANDREWS – An Andrews mother was barred from picking up her son from school. She claims it's all because she didn't have a U.S. driver's license. The mom used a Mexican passport instead but it wasn't accepted. Now, she just wants answers about a new …

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Topeka family stuck in Ukraine waiting for final passport
Monday, Russia reportedly warned the Ukrainian government to surrender or face a storm. That news is not good for a Topeka family stuck in Kiev. “That's got us frightened. They're really not in any position to put up a fight here,” said Don Jenkins. It …
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Motion filed to revoke Birmingham business owner's passport
Birmingham Councilwoman Sheila Tyson tells ABC 33/40 she wrote a letter to Jefferson County District Attorney District Attorney Brandon Falls urging his office to file the motion to revoke Ching's passport. ABC 33/40 has learned Ching is a U.S. Citizen …
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Samantha Bangham's Month in Cases October 2013
In May 2012 his passport was confiscated by the UK Border Agency, to be returned to him only when he went back to Iran. The man …. The provision appointing second and third replacement attorneys would, therefore, be severed. I hope this column …
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The futility of Surface and Windows RT: If only Microsoft had stuck with Intel
When even the pokey Raspberry pi with its outdated phone parts can be seen as a potential desktop replacement for casual users, it is only a matter of time before ARM devices and programs mature enough to potentially displace x86. Intel's reluctance in …
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Passport snafu keeps mom and adopted daughter stuck in Ukraine

Passport snafu keeps mom and adopted daughter stuck in Ukraine
If his being in Kiev would help expedite getting the passport with his daughter's new legal name, he'd be there tomorrow, said Michael McCarron, but it's seems as if there's nothing to do but wait for the Ukraine government to act, with perhaps some …
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Letter: Pandering from Kuster
… problems with federal agencies, secure federal grants for individuals, help college-bound students, recognize public achievements, obtain a flag, recognize artistically talented high school students, expedite passport applications, help students …
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Taiwan tightens visa applications for Pinoys
Chang said other working visa applicants are under screening and their papers still being processed. TECO has also urged the Philippine government to expedite the resolution on the shooting incident. TECO political division director Andrew Tung-Heng …
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From the Editor-in-chief
The Rs 200 paid for jumping a red light, the Rs 1,500 shelled out for a passport, the Rs 5,000 given to "expedite" a death certificate, and the Rs 25,000 with which the palm of a local tax official is greased are so commonplace that these have now …
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