Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi Urges Travelers to Get a Jump on Fall and

Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi Urges Travelers to Get a Jump on Fall and
Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi invites all County residents to take advantage of a free passport photo opportunity on Passport Day 2015, by applying for a passport at the County Clerk's Office Annex in Westfield, at 300 North Avenue East, on …
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CIEE Opens Doors with Generation Study Abroad Student Scholarships, Passports
Yet fewer than 10 percent of all U.S. college students study abroad. In November 2014, CIEE joined the Institute of International Education's Generation Study Abroad challenge by committing to breaking down each of the three main barriers to study …
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Why it pays to read the visa fine print
Visa-free access to more than 150 global destinations is a perk of having a Kiwi passport but when a visa is required it pays to be clear about the rules and regulations around travel. Two Kiwi travellers – Jennie de Jong, 23, and Sinead Watson, 24 …
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Real ID: Extra driver's license security good for air travelers

Real ID: Extra driver's license security good for air travelers
If you travel on commercial airliners and use your Nevada driver's license as an identification card when you pass through the security line at the airport, you're going to have to spice up your ID card the next time you renew it. (Jeff Scheid/Las …
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Wooing Retail Investors via Online Trading
He outlined that his firm has simplified the account opening process for new investors as they only need to fill account opening form and upload scanned passport photo, scanned utility bill that is not later than three months, scanned specimen …
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Top Democratic Lawmakers Stand by Sheldon Silver After Arrest on Federal
The 70-year-old Democrat was taken into custody Thursday by the FBI on federal charges that he took nearly $ 4 million in payoffs and kickbacks, crimes that carry up to 100 years in prison and could cost him his political seat. He was released on $ 200 …
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Global Entry at DIA speeds travelers through customs

Global Entry at DIA speeds travelers through customs
Granted, I'm nowhere near the first to try the program, which allows expedited entry for low-risk international travelers arriving in the United States. But until now, I was too cheap to pay the $ 100 to apply for the five-year enrollment. Then in …
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US, Cuba embark on a new future
In the South Florida exile community many are still struggling to come to terms with the new reality that the United States and Cuba will have diplomatic relations and soon an American flag will fly over a U.S. Embassy in Havana. For some, there's …
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Ex Danish MP freed after 12 years in US prison
… and imprisoned in 2006 for his plans to smuggle four containers filled with weapons to the paramilitary group the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), which has been designated as a terrorist organization by both the United States and Europe.
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Travelers from Mexico Encouraged to get Permit

Travelers from Mexico Encouraged to get Permit
The U.S. Customs and Border Protection is urging those who have relatives in Mexico to let their relatives know that they need to apply for a form called I-94 if they want to spend an extended amount of time in the U.S. during the Christmas season. The …
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“Beware of brokers and unauthorised agents”
He listed out steps to apply for passport and the documents required for obtaining fresh booklets. He warned about the nature of punishment … abroad with a dream of making money. It was shattered by uncouth persons there, who ill-treated and cheated …
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Attention, travelers: Your plans have changed

Attention, travelers: Your plans have changed
Never mind that visit to the Statue of Liberty in New York City. Forget visiting … There's just one possible catch: If the passport office is located within a government building that has been shut down, passport approvals may be affected. If you …
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NY Biker attack: Who is the real victim?
Previous reporting indicated the impact broke the motorcyclist's leg, but New York police Sgt. Lee Jones said Wednesday that the biker sustained only minor injuries. … In addition, his license was suspended and he was ordered to surrender his passport.
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In Miami, Cuban travelers get taste of US tourism

In Miami, Cuban travelers get taste of US tourism
To his surprise, the U.S. Interests Section in Havana granted his visa request and the Cuban government issued him a passport. On a recent September morning, he took off on a direct, one-hour flight from Havana to Miami. "This is an experience I will …
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'White Widow' paid for SA passport
“It might have been at the time, but I think we have changed both the process of application as well as the character of the passport. As far as I am aware, up to today, all South Africans are able to travel without (difficulty) and are getting through …
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Emergency Passports for Business Travelers

In today’s global economy, businesspeople would be wise to be prepared for unexpected international trips. After all, if opportunity knocks, you need to be able to answer – even if it’s knocking from half a world away!

But what if you need to take a last-minute business trip out of the country and you don’t have a passport? Fear not – these tips will help you cut down the normal 6 week processing time for a new passport application down to as little as 24 hours!


Step 1: Determine How You’ll Expedite


The first step in getting an emergency passport is determining how much time you have and what method of expediting is right for you. “Expedited processing” from the government takes about 3 weeks, so if your trip is truly last-minute it may not be an option.


For faster service, you can make an appointment at one of the country’s 24 Regional Passport Agency offices, as long as you’re planning to leave within the next 14 days or you’re leaving within the next four weeks but also need to get a travel visa before your trip. To make an appointment, call 1-877-487-2778.


If making an appointment, waiting and traveling to one of the passport agency locations isn’t convenient, you can also use a private passport expediting company. They meet with the State Department on your behalf to deliver your passport application.

Step 2: Gather Your Documents


If you’re applying for a new passport, you’ll need a passport photo, proof of identity, proof of citizenship (like a birth certificate or naturalization certificate) and a copy of your itinerary to get it rushed.

Since you’re going on a business trip, you also have the option of submitting a business letter on company letterhead explaining why you need an emergency passport instead of the itinerary. The business letter should state the dates you plan to travel, describe the nature of your business and be signed by someone other than you.


Step 3: Submit Your Application


If you’re using a passport agency, make sure you aren’t late for your appointment to submit your application. They won’t wait more than 15 minutes for you, and if you’re not there you’ll have to reschedule. If you’re using an expediting company, make sure you follow their instructions for submitting your application to the letter. Either way, it pays to double check and make sure you have all the documents you need before you submit your application. This will ensure your emergency passport application doesn’t get delayed.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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