The Benefits Of St Kitts Passport

If you have been dreaming of an excellent investment opportunity, here’s a way to kill two birds at a shot. St Kitts and Nevis allows investors to combine two highly attractive offshore benefits into a single attractive package – investing in international real estate and an opportunity to obtain a second passport.

There are many benefits associated with a St Kitts passport. As a person’s right to complete privacy is being demolished in their home country through legislation, more and more people are looking at the possibility of obtaining a second passport. Specifically, if the second passport is a St Kitts passport, there are several advantages:

– Not mandatory to reside in the country

– No dual citizenship restrictions. Applicants and their family may enjoy full and irrevocable citizenship rights when the passport is issued

– Visa free travel to more than 125 countries which includes most members of the British Commonwealth and Schengen European nations.

– The pleasure and ease of belonging to a tax free nation. Even those who settle in St Kitts do not have to pay wealth tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, Capital Gains Tax and the like.

– There is no personal income tax to be paid in St Kitts

– Businesses may repatriate profits earned on their business and import capital too

– Qualifying investment projects may enjoy certain tax holidays

– Incentive packages offered are highly attractive and include complete exemption from import duties, export allowance, corporate tax incentives and tax relief benefits.

– Permission for tax free trade with Canada

– Permission to carry out duty free trading throughout the Caribbean islands.

St Kitts is an attractive place, not just because it is a piece of lush South Pacific paradise. St Kitts is beautiful, no doubt with its densely forested mountains, lakes, waterfalls and other water bodies. But, in addition to the natural beauty of the Islands, St Kitts has been encouraging foreign investors to buy valuable real estate in the Island nation. With the prices of real estate climbing steadily in recent years, this is a sound investment for people who have the money. The economic citizenship program is one of the oldest as it has been running since 1984. It is also structured to be highly inclusive because it is expensive.

The St Kitts passport program has always adhered to the highest standards (it is not easy for individuals to qualify) and the high cost of obtaining passports has severely restricted the number of passports that are sanctioned. Due to the limited number of passports issued, the high value of St Kitts passport has been maintained. This makes the prospect of obtaining a St Kitts passport even more attractive.

A passport from a peaceful, neutral and non-controversial country such as St. Kitts & Nevis carries many benefits. To know more about St. Kitts passport, visit

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