The Best Way to Get a Passport in a Hurry

The Best Way to Get a Passport in a Hurry
The simplest way to get a passport kind of fast—that is, within a few weeks: Pay the U.S. State Department to expedite the process. This isn't a guaranteed fix, though. Wait times vary based on all kinds of factors, such as government sequesters. See …
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Chasing the cheats: My day with the welfare fraud police
When we get there, nobody is home, but the front door of the house is ajar and the windows are open. We count upwards of 80 tractors, most of them in … Tonight's operation involves spot-checks on eight fast-food restaurants. One outlet is run by a …
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'Amazing Race' recap: Trippiest fun house ever
He's mildly concerned, but ultimately unfazed — his passport is in his pocket and both hockey bro Anthony and one of the country singers have offered underwear. We get a much-too-long product placement sequence involving a smart car and questions …
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