3 Great Excuses to Travel Abroad Post-Graduation

Graduating from college is an exciting time in a persons’ life. Entering the ‘real world’ can be daunting, so it might be a good idea to explore your options. You have your whole life to work. Ultimately, there is no better time to travel abroad than post-graduation.       

First, it is important to ensure you are fully prepared. To start, consider why exploring expediaed passport services is a smart idea. For example, using a passport agency to help with the process means one less element of your trip you need to worry about. Plus, applying for a new passport and navigating the renewal process can be a bit confusing on your own. 

Discover three compelling reasons why traveling abroad after graduation is a great plan. From gaining unique networking opportunities to learning how to travel on a budget, you will be packing your bags and booking flights in no time! 

First, is Your Passport Ready to Go?  

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Let’s dive into a few compelling reasons why traveling abroad after college graduation is a great decision.   

#1. Travel While You Have Less Responsibilities 

Post-graduation is the perfect time to travel before you start utilizing your hard-earned degree. Although that may be a hard concept to grasp now, consider some of the facts:   

1. You likely do not have a spouse or children yet and are able to only think about your own desires.

2. You probably are not paying for a mortgage at this point or have a significant amount of monthly payments. 

3. Oftentimes, your student loans (if you have any) have a grace period of at least 6-12 months, giving you time before those reoccurring monthly payments set in. 

Once you graduate college, you have the freedom to explore the real world. Freedom in both your schedule and in the fact that you don’t have to answer to anyone else just yet. Take the time now to enjoy yourself.  

Want to give back and experience a new culture? Consider volunteering while you are abroad. Volunteering is a unique way to see the world.  


#2. Explore New Places on a Budget

If you choose to travel abroad after graduation, there is a great chance you can on a budget. When traveling, use your college ID which offers discounts. When booking your trip, always be sure to inquire about student rates or perks!  

If you are traveling on a budget, we recommend staying in hotels or room-share locations. These options offer great ways to save money abroad. 

If you need to start making money immediately after you graduate, there are ways to travel and do that at the same time. Consider applying for jobs in a foreign country, that leave you enough time to explore the new area you are in. For example, teaching English abroad. You will have time to explore after classes each day, on weekends and during school breaks.  

Be sure to review all of the required paperwork and procedures related to a travel Visa and getting an expedited passport by consulting with a professional passport agency prior to your trip.  

#3. Network & Prepare Yourself for the Career World

One of the biggest benefits of traveling is being exposed to different types of people, personalities and cultures. All these experiences help prepare you for a successful career. When you take a job, navigating a relationship with your new coworkers can be among the most challenging parts.  

Consider your travels abroad as a great way to prepare for meeting tons of new coworkers at your first fulltime job. Traveling internationally requires patience, kindness and adaptation. The same goes for starting a career.   

Try researching a few networking opportunities when you are traveling abroad. For example, local meetups for people in the industry you are trying to enter, or events and conferences. Another great idea is to research internship opportunities abroad. This will not only help you learn the industry and gain real-life experience, it will also look great on your resume when you go to apply for jobs back home.   

Start Exploring Expedited Passport Services and Plan to Travel Abroad After Graduation

Although graduating college is an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming. Before you dive right into getting a fulltime job, consider taking time to travel abroad first. Whether you are looking to enjoy your freedom before the ‘real world’ sets in, or you want to get some unique job experience on your resume, traveling might be the answer.    

Before you pack your bags, be sure you have your passport all set and ready to go. Don’t let the expediated passport process discourage you from booking an incredible travel experience, post-graduation.  

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