Update Chipset Drivers

Keeping up with dozens of drivers and programs for your computers makes you waste a lot of time and the inclination. Therefore, it is not too surprising to update the chipset drivers. Above all the others, you need to figure out what a chipset driver was and how to update it.


Locating Drivers Online

Like the majority of people, I thought I could just go online and do a quick search for chipset drivers and find the needed update. Oh, how I was wrong! Turns out there are dozens of chipset makers and all kinds of figures that frankly went over my head.


I had no idea what my processor was, how to enter BIOS, or what a motherboard was. To be honest, all the stuff sounded like an old Star Trek movie. I was just waiting for someone to say, “Beam me up, Scotty.”


It became fairly obvious that quickly finding a solution online was not going to help.


Calling Tech Support for Help

As much as I hated to do it, I broke down and called tech support for help. Even though this cost me money, I felt like I was getting the run around. I started with Intel who was quick to pass me off to Microsoft who apparently does the drivers for the Intel chipsets. When I called Microsoft, I was told I had to talk to NEC because they were the third party software company responsible for my particular chipset. I never could get in touch with NEC.


Now, this is not to say you would have the same experience. After all, you have a different computer and you may not even have Intel chipsets, although Intel is a very popular chipset.


Getting the Help I Needed

Just when I was about ready to give up and get a new computer, a techie friend comes over for a look. She is actually really good with computers and I figure if she cannot figure it out, then it is useless.


My friend was able to identify by problem and it was indeed a problem with my drivers. She told me she could go in, look up all my drivers and get them updated for me; however, she thought it would be best if I just went ahead and spent a few bucks on driver update software.


Benefits of Driver Update Software

By investing a few bucks in driver update software, I would be able to update all my drivers as needed. Since I don’t really have time to keep track of which drivers need updating and when, I could just run this program and it would tell me when to update a driver.


Additionally, I could just click a button to download and install the updated drivers it recommended. I would not have to keep track of my drivers because the program would do it for me. I could actually keep my drivers up-to-date by spending just a few minutes each month.


DriverBoost’s simple and friendly interface will show you exactly what you need to do to update the chipset drivers in less than two minutes with just a few clicks of the mouse button.

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